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Take the opportunity to control a light aircraft and learn the basics of flight whilst admiring the sights of Batemans Bay and the beautiful coastal beaches.

This is a great way to see if flying is for you using our Skyfox Gazelle. Under the supervision of our Senior Flying Instructor, you can take the controls and fly! Alternatively, let Dave take you for a scenic flight.

The cost is just $90.

Order Online now.

Or contact the club now using the contact form or phone the Flying Instructor (Dave) on 0416 729 699 to make a booking.

Important Safety Notes:

  • Weather: Please be aware the booking is weather dependent. If it is determined that the weather is unsafe to fly, flights can be postponed and rescheduled at your convenience.
  • Weight: The Gazelle aircraft has a weight limitation which restricts passengers to a maximum of 100kg.
  • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, please bring a doctors/midwives certificate stating you and your baby are fit to fly. If you are over 30 weeks, you will need to postpone the flight until after you have given birth.
  • Illness – For your health and ours, flights can be postponed and rescheduled at your convenience to a time that is suitable when you have recovered.
  • Diving – If you have been diving below or certain depths, please be aware that you may not be able to fly for up to 48 hours after due to the risks of decompression sickness.